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part 1: Return to Japan
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part 2: Sapporo arrival: homestay

part 3: homestay and Sapporo

part 4: Visiting Sapporo market and school

part 5: Flight to Fukuoka and walking in Kokura

part 6: Kokura, Yawata Steel

part 7: Kyoto

part 8: Kinkakuji Temple

part 9: Nijo castle, Kyoto city and Gion

part 10: Dancing and Kimono show in Kyoto

part 11: Trip to Osaka

part 12: Hamamatsu Kenpokai event

part 13: Visiting Honda and the ecohouse

part 14: Trip to Shimada and school visit

part 15: Ito

part 16: Trip to Asakusa and Samurai theatre

part 17: Day in Shinjuku, visiting the office and Akiba

part 19: Last day and trip to Munich

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