Album: 2012 japan studytour public:part 1: Return to Japan

Finally returning to Japan. Pictures like the one above can be clicked to access the bigger version.

After 12h flight from Frankfurt to Narita transfer to Haneda airport in the south of Tokyo.

This was again a 'studytour' organized by my Japanese teacher, Tetsu Sensei. With ca. 11 other japanese learners we were travelling to many cities, staying 1-3 nights in each of them.

This is at Haneda airport, my weight that day including both backpacks.

The pictures here are not only taken by me but also by other attendees of the studytour 2012. Great to have more views on things available. Thanks for all attendees of this years studytour!

I was missing these fire reporters.. I did take less pictures this time than on my previous Japan visits 2008 and 2010 - things start looking familiar. Please refer also to the photo collections of these previous trips, they have some things with more verbosity.

Boarding screen for the plane to Sapporo. Sapporo is in the north of Japan. As it was a connection flight this was included in our JAL ticket from Frankfurt to Narita.

Now we arrived at Chitose airport. I was missing this style of Japanese advertisements..

Going for an other transfer by train from Chitose airport to Sapporo. When arriving at Sapporo we had 25 hours of travel behind us and lost 7 further hours due to time zone change. Hint: click the link 'Up' at the top right of this page to go back to the main page, then access 'part 2'.
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