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Welcome to Hokkaido, the big island in the north of Japan.

We had a great welcome in Sapporo, including this poster. Thanks everybody, you made us having a fantastic time in Sapporo!

While in Sapporo we were living with homestay families, here waiting for picking us up.

Driving to the house of our homestay family.

Dinner time, first original Onigiri in Japan for me after 2 years. Great talks, our host family had two daughters, 3 and 5 years, sleeping at that time.

Thueringer Bratwurst, of course.

Collection of the things we were suspecting to not be around in Japan.

Desk filled with my things, we even received a nice paper introducing the names of the host family!

First breakfast. The children beeing a bit shy. We were settling with speaking Japanese, what a great experience that my abilities were actually enough for that!

After my back issues last year I perform daily gymnastics. The children joined and made the gym quite interesting this time!

We mentioned that we knew how to sing 'Ue wo muite' so we had to prove

Group picture all together

The day was until evening free for exploring Sapporo and family Murakami did everything to show us around.

The children also started to get accustomed to us ^^

automated toilet

In this classroom people learn to use an abacus.

Meeting the parents

Fantastic Kimuchi udon - yet too much for me that day

Grouppicture after lunch
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