Album: 2012 japan studytour public:part 3: homestay and Sapporo

Visiting a shrine

The cleaning ritual

There was a local celebration (Matsuli)

At the supermarket. Fruits have always been expensive in Japan, three apples for almost 5 euro here.

There is also black aspuragusu (Spargel), never seen that bevore

Sapporo clockhouse

Funny view on the navigation system

The Sapporo tv tower

School uniforms, althou its Sunday..

At the evening we were fetching the JapanRail Pass. For around 450eur one can travel with most trains in Japan.

Exhibitions in an underground area

Sapporo and Munich are since 40 years partner towns, this evening an event was scheduled for this. Here is Tetsu sensei (our Japanese teacher and planning the whole tour) having a speech.

The room was filled with attendees. After the speech of Tetsu sensei we visitors from Munich were introducing ourself to the attendees and did sing parts of a few german folk songs. The Bavarian drinking time song 'ein prosit' was sung together with the attendees, quite funny. Then we people from Munich spread over the room to talk with the Sapporo citizens. Quite interesting topics came up, for example clearifications that there are also several dialects in Germany.

After the party we were nicely fetched by the homestay family again.

Shabu-shabu for dinner. Boiling water in the middle of the table, one dips thin pieces of meat into the water for some seconds and eats it then.

View at the house from the street

Nearby also..

The last dinner at the homestay family, friends came for a visit.

Children are fun for asking many questions and discovering interesting things - never noticed bevore that Japanese men have no hair at their arms, in contrast to us people from Germany..

Breakfast with bread
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