Album: 2012 japan studytour public:part 4: Visiting Sapporo market and school

We got up early that morning and headed to the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market.

Nice views that morning.

At the market fish auctions are performed

This is Tunfish, prepared for auction

..and the auction of the Tunfish.

Also much other fish is auctioned here

We got explanations

Also vegetables are sold here

This auction is about melons

One box of these got sold for 15.000yen, so 150euro

The market also includes this location for smaller brokers

Area view, parking places for the workers

We had breakfast at a canteen used by workers, 650yen (6.5euro) is cheap for this great shashimi

The counter of the canteen

The goods from the market are also sold in nearby shops
20120528 0934 P1000965 stores next to market

subway to the Sapporo City Hall

City hall office, people standing up to greet us. Open office space, quite similiar to Red Hat.

Then we met the city mayor, Mr. Fumio Ueda. Ueda-san greeted us and Munich. Then we visitors were introducing ourself briefly.

A letter from Christian Ude was read.

Then we did split up into 2 groups, each of the groups visiting a school. This is an Interesting vehicle spotted.

A long park is in the center of Sapporo

I like such views with skyscrapers and trees in front

There is also a Maibaum, often seen in Bavaria.

The Sapporo subway operates on tyres

Arriving at the school.

Art at the entrance. Below are shoes stored, we also have to change shoes.

We attended some lessons, this is physics.

Math lesson


Origami, we received origami for present

We had lunch together

We did listen to songs and also sing some german folk songs.

On our visit at the school homepage:

Then we learned about Japanese tea ceremony - in attending. Its hard for most of us to sit in the traditional form required for this.

The ceremony is about preparing the tea, how to serve it to consumers, how consumers have to offer it to each other and so on.
20120528 JapanStudyTour 0616 grouppicture

Then we learned a bit about Origami

..and created these

Nice view of the hall
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