Album: 2012 japan studytour public:part 7: Kyoto

Travel to Kyoto.

Trains stop in defined positions, you know where each dor will be located.

Groceries are sold at the train

Scenary from the train

Waiting pupils sit down in Japan.

Arriving at the Myorenji temple (busstop Horikawa Teranouchi), our accommodation for the next days.

The entrance area

Massive wooden plate

The stone on the left could be seen as a sleeping Buddha

These paintings were done with a lot of thinking and planning, taking different ways into account the light is taking when entering the room.

A taiko

Can you guess what this is?

Then we headed to the Kamigamo shrine in the north of Kyoto.

Sake bottles, local breweries brought them.

The place to perform the cleaning bevore entering the shrine.

Ema, used in Shinto shrines. Carrying wishes.

Slightly more full with ema..

A path of ants

I like those lanterns

A building used for storage. In times of high humidity the wood closes the sides automatically for air.

Car washing - here not the car moves but the washing equipment.

These display when a bus reaches the previous station, making an estimation of arrival possible.

Kimonos at the streets of Kyoto

The Gion

The poster of the Kimono show we were attending later

More traditional streets of Kyoto

Interesting houses around

The street in front of the temple

In the evening we went to the bath in the neighborhood.
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