Album: 2012 japan studytour public:part 9: Nijo castle, Kyoto city and Gion

After the Kinkaku visiting the Nijo castle.

Pictures are taken everywhere..

Bamboo grows here

This rock looks a bit like a lion

The colourful 'hello kitty' towel is cheaper than the sane towel..

I like things with Matcha, the green tea powder.

This is in Kyoto. A menu complete of sweets, as for usual restaurants plastic variations of the food are presented in front of the restaurant.

This is the 'green tea' set we got, really tasty. The green tea is not sweet so candy is a nice combination with it.

The sweets restaurant from the front.

Interesting houses in Kyoto

Buying medicine. The drugs contained less ingredients than in Europe, as explanation we settled with 'Japanese people are smaller so need less ingredients' with the pharmacist.

The Gion
20120601 1705 P1010269 gion


Interesting lunch with ice, called bukake. Caused quite some laughes when hearing the name.
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