Album: 2012 japan studytour public:part 11: Trip to Osaka

The 2nd of June was without preplanned events. I decided to go to Osaka, had never been there bevore.

The Kyoto central train station is a quite modern building

I picked up a bento (packed food), many around to choose from!

I just love this style of advertisements - why are they not around in Europe?

Waiting for the train

The bought bento, delicious!

Arrival in Shin-Osaka. Learned that Shin-Osaka where I dropped off the Bullettrain was still quite far from the centre of Osaka..

Skyscrapers and interesting houses around

Maps of the area exist but leave room for interpretation. I would have loved to use google maps here, but had not cached maps from Osaka - and the roaming costs with a German phone contract are just insanely high.
20120602 1120 P1010350 house
20120602 1121 P1010351 houses

The art museum, the visit was quite interesting. Many kinds of art around, inspiring pieces.

Frog like traffic delimiters

Skycrapers with greenish in front, nice

Osaka castle
20120602 1355 P1010371 gate

In the castle area a concert was going on, I rested for some time, nice classical music.

The shudokan hall, where some activity was going on that Saturday..

Torii of the shrine near the castle

Views at the Osaka castle

Saturday activities: tennis with improved barrier

I came along the Peace museum and had a look what this is about..

A nice park

Leaving Osaka again by train


At Kyoto station, decided to have dinner in this curry place.

Buy your ticket and hand it over to the waiter..

Black curry for the first time, this tasted a bit sweetish.
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