Album: 2012 japan studytour public:part 12: Hamamatsu Kenpokai event

While waiting at the Kyoto central station the Red Cross appeared to collect blood

Me buying a bento...

...and eating it at the train.

Back in Hamamatsu!

Seems to be different type of lego than sold in Europe..

Figures are popular in Japan

We were invited to attend fight presentations. This piece of art in the hall reminds me of typical East german art.

The sensei

The team presenting for us

Presenting with one of us things

Splitting wood

We were invited to join

Later we were all together at this restaurant

The owner was a former sumo fighter

Taking seats

The food was 'nabe' which means 'pot'. Vegetables and meat get placed in the pot. Typical food for Sumo fighters.
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