Album: 2012 japan studytour public:part 13: Visiting Honda and the ecohouse

We were visiting the Honda factory in Hamamatsu, notice the german flag

Customized greeting also in the presentation

Honda also produces motor bikes and the Asimo

Office space directly connected to the entrance

Again 'munich' written especially for us

Commuting back to the city

Our lunch

From the townhall, overview of Hamamatsu

local office

Impressive view inside the townhall

We introduced ourself to the city mayor of Hamamatsu

Group picture with the mayor

In the Hamamatsu castle

The town hall

Tetsu sensei

Visit of the 'ecohouse'. Living with low energy consumption is a trend in Japan, this house was designed with efficiency in mind.

Looks comfy with that much wood around

From the outside

Walking around in Hamamatsu

OMG zombies?
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