Album: 2012 japan studytour public:part 14: Trip to Shimada and school visit

On the 5th two newspapers in Hamamatsu mentioned us in articles

We left Hamamatsu and took the train to Shimada

Arrival at the booked business Ryokan

The Horai bridge is the longest wooden bridge of the world

Cloudy Mount Fuji

A guide explaining things about the bridge

Then we walked along the river to the next appointment

..and met our 2 next guides.

I like this style of building houses.

Here houses are preserved in their historical state and several things can be visited. Here are explanations for water levels and prices of carriers that transport things through the nearby river.
20120605 1224 P1010622 street

For the first time I did see a field of rice directly.

Factories build directly next to residential houses

Asking for directions

Visiting the Fuzoku junior highschool

We attended lessons

..and also were included: we spoke with the pupils about several things in english.


Sports group

In the evening..

Sleeping in the business ryokan
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