Album: 2012 japan studytour public:part 15: Ito

Seen at this mornings walk: employees performing gym

Nice style

Trash collection

Still surprised sometimes reading word interpretations in Katakana, here 'infinity'.

The Ryokan breakfast room

Washing room

Japans beautiful views..

Changing trains in Atami

"platform operations"

Traces of Fujisan from the train

Arriving at the Ryokan where we did stay for one night

This is the Tokaikan, a nearby nice and big Onsen building.

A room with many tatami mats

The building from the back

Ito has an Italian partner city

Now from somewhere I know that name..

In the past rocks were exported from Ito, also used at the Emperors palace in Tokyo.

Ito was the place where William Adams build his ship, you might know the tv series 'Shogun'..

The pacific


'tonkatsu' for lunch, Japanese variant of 'Schnitzel'.

Water bottles. Its great to be able to ask locals for things, i.e. what these bottles are good for. 'Cats hate those, so we place the bottles here to keep the cats away.'
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