Album: 2012 japan studytour public:part 16: Trip to Asakusa and Samurai theatre

Taking the train to Tokyo

Back in Asakusa, seeing the Sky Tree now!

Posters in the hotel, asking to save energy. Current news say that 2 nuclear power plants will go into service again.

Back at the Sumida river

The Sensoji

Again eating sushi at the famous sushi place.

The masters at work

We got a manga about the Sushi shop for present

Group picture in front

View from the tourist information building

Portable shrine

We got explanations from a guide

The Sensoji

Waiting pupils

Later we went to the Samurai Theatre 'Mokubakan'

Most parts of the show did contain singing and dancing

There were some breaks in the 3hours show

Also a bit real theatre was presented

Walking back at night, enjoying enlightened buildings

The pagoda

The Sensoji at night

'Ice cream burger'

The souvenir street at night

The Skytree
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