Album: 2012 japan studytour public:part 17: Day in Shinjuku, visiting the office and Akiba

Arrival in Shinjuku: and spotted the Hello Kitty bus

lorry with advertisements

Fantastic style of advertisement

Back in Kabukicho district!

People lining up for pachinko

The place next to the hotel changed since I was here last time 2 years ago

Cards for an event are sold, women line up

We had half a day for free use in Tokyo. I decided to go to the Red Hat office to meet the collegues that I've been chatting with. Finding addresses without online maps accessable via phone is not easy.. I also took this photo of google maps as preparation.

The street in front of the office. Did not spot any logo or comany name from the street..

Just inside the building this can be seen..

The collegues at the reception did not change to English when I approached them in Japanese.

Had not yet seen these live anywhere..

Really great to meet GSS and TAM folks there, thanks for taking the time! The visit of the Tokyo office was one of the best things of this travel.

After the office.. heading to Akiba.

Met others from our studygroup, finally tried the rice burger at the 'Mos burger' chain. Tasty!

Visited superpotato again, the place to buy game consoles and games.

Warning sign at Akiba station

What to do then? Since 4 years I was not at the Odeon-Onsen-Monogatari, a bathing place. So returned now. From Shinbashi a monorail train goes there.

At the Onsen entrance room

See my pictures from 2008 for more on this Onsen.. here I am heading back to the city. Was driving with JR train lines (the Railpass made this flatrate) and using the Pasmo card I bought in 2008.
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