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We had a great welcome in Sapporo, including this poster. Thanks everybody, you made us having a fantastic time in Sapporo!

Dinner time, first original Onigiri in Japan for me after 2 years. Great talks, our host family had two doughters, 3 and 5 years, sleeping at that time.

Thueringer Bratwurst, of course.

Desk filled with my things, we even received a nice paper introducing the names of the host family!

After my back issues last year I perform daily gymnastics. The children joined and made the gym quite interesting this time!

Group picture all together

The last dinner at the homestay family, friends came for a visit.

The children also started to get accustomed to us ^^

Meeting the parents

Visiting a shrine

Sapporo and Munich are since 40 years partner towns, this evening an event was scheduled for this. Here is Tetsu sensei (our Japanese teacher and planning the whole tour) having a speech.

At Sapporo market: This is Tunfish, prepared for auction

We had breakfast at a canteen used by workers, 650yen (6.5euro) is cheap for this great shashimi

With city mayor of Sapporo. A letter from Christian Ude was read.

We attended school lessons, this is physics.

Kimonos at the streets of Kyoto

Gion, Kyoto

Kinkakuji, Kyoto

Kimono and dancing in Kyoto

I just love this style of advertisements - why are they not around in Europe?

The bought bento, delicious!

In the evening we went to the bath in the neighborhood.

Hamamatsu, dinner after kenpo presentation

Group picture with the Hamamatsu city mayor

On the 5th two newspapers in Hamamatsu mentioned us in articles

..and also were included: we spoke with the pupils about several things in english.

Group picture in front of the Asakusa Sushi location

Red Hat Tokyo office: the collegues at the reception did not change to English when I approached them in Japanese.

Really great to meet GSS and TAM folks there, thanks for taking the time! The visit of the Tokyo office was one of the best things of this travel.
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