Album: 2014 kyushu
19 images

Ryokan: accomodation in 別府/Beppu
18 images

Beppu, boiling hells visit
11 images

50 images

Daytrip to 由布市/Yufuin
28 images

Train "Seven stars in Kyushu" and dinner
13 images

Travel to 熊本/Kumamoto
30 images

Kumamoto castle and city
21 images

cave 球泉洞(きゅうせんどう/kyusendou) near Kumamoto
24 images

Takahachiho and Mt.Aso
28 images

島原/Shinbara and 長崎/Nagasaki
39 images

Exploring 長崎/Nagasaki
43 images

North of Nagasaki
23 images

21 images

Fukuoka sightseeing
22 images

Fukuoka, 3rd day
24 images

東京/Tokyo, Rikugen garden
20 images

Tokyo, Akiba and Kamata
35 images

Harajuku, Shinjuku and Shibuya
21 images

Imperial park and dinner
14 images

Kamata, Ikebukuro and Asakusa
22 images

Walking through Kawasaki
25 images

Cherry blossom watching and lightup
20 images

The workweek
46 images

some select pictures
31 images

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