Album: 2014 mount fuji:

Beergarden of 'Airbräu' at the Airport Munich

What's better than starting a travel with a nice wheat beer?

at the airport, had not seen this sight so far

The classic 'welcome back to Japan' sign

Welcome to Japan, 26.6°C and ~60% humidity. It got hotter later.

back in 渋谷/Shibuya

..and starting with a nice shirashi sushi.

I got the greeted with thunder an strong rain

To cope with jetlag, I tried to stay up long and do some activities.. 30min of walking and visiting the 温泉(onsen, bath with water from the earth)

'coin park'.. interesting description for 'payed parking lot'

rainy evening

First time for me to experience such hot and humit air, but got used to it

The side of a construction site, they do a quiz here.

nice views everywhere

Looking into a police house. German police would not store there a plate with "sweet figure" and explanation that they are on patrol currently.

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