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I hope these are not just once per month fresh..

Interesting english. Lets work together with the toilet paper!

The hotel had 8 kinds of breakfast set, this was the 'danish style'. No natto though.

The 'classic Japanese' breakfast. No Natto though.. so not so traditional.

trains in the evening when returning

Walking around in the evening. It was hot anyway, so one could not sleep very well.

Taken at night, the Sony RX100 camera is great.

visiting the Onsen. Nicely refreshing.. just coming out and on the outside very humid air, the sweating takes long time to stop.

morning tv, temperature of the day. Plus high humidity. Well, inside of buildings and trains there is aircon.

business dress, cant say I like that. Especially in this hot time. But was totally worth the great time :)

Cant get enough of these views

hot weather

crowded trainstation

Festival in Ebisu

Okonomiyaki with colleagues

return to the hotel in the evening

return from work

cloudy weather, very hot and humid

Dinner, met very nice people, enjoyed that very much. Thanks!

evening in Shibuya


Tokyo tower from the far

Dinner with colleagues, in a restaurant where you can catch your own fish. I did not catch one.. but did not have to leave hungry ;)

Nice engrish. No diving, next to the bassins with water and fish for catching.

Yorokobi (fun) ok! The writer did apparently not know the English word and used the japanese one.

Tokyo at night. I went for a regulars table with germans, russians etc. this day, but got the address wrong - so got up to the townhall building atleast. I visited the regulars table a week later.

Friday evening after the 2 workweeks in Tokyo, meeting Tokyo Linux users group.

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