Album: 2014 mount fuji:

The Jaxa (Japanese space organization) and Nasa space exhibition. Also found this on the website with current events in Tokyo.

Starts in japanese style.. many folks waiting.

In cyberpunk first mentioning Jules Verne and others

This beeing done with Nasa, one has to be grateful probably that Russians were mentioned at all.. hey, they first had Sputnik and Gagarin in space! I would have loved such an exhibition with the Russians.


the moon rover

Replica of the Atlantis

inside of the Atlantis

space station module replica

the space toilet

mars tech

the international space station

I was hoping for this, and indeed they mentioned the great concept of the space elevator!

The area around space exhibition

a huge anime event in the area. I did not attend.

Over a Ueno park. Water lily.. yes really, this is a lake :)

16 players with taiko, very nice

Enjoying an evening walk

Time to visit an onsen

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