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This was sunday, I still notice when people do streetwork on sunday - this is not done on Sundays in Germany

First traces of the 羽田神輿祭り, the portable shrine festival in Haneda. This stay in Tokyo I started to read websites with local events, this is how I got aware of this. No other foreigners seemed to be there. Quite a contrast to the other famous tourist places in Tokyo.

At the festival 神輿, portable shrines, are carried through the city. Very big ones can weight 2000kg and be transported on wheels, these here were smaller.

Small Mikoshi are carried by children

I was approaching the group from the back, now approaching the bigger portable shrines. The air was burning hot and humid. People on the streets offered snacks and drinks for the people carrying the shrines, even to me :)

Very nice atmosphere

The biggest shrine

Now the shrines were put down, giving the carriers a rest. Rotating teams of carriers were carrying.

interesting clothes

children shrine

continuing the march

I departed and headed for the head shrine, so the building in the city.

The streets were decorated.. like for Kirmes in my hometown Mühlhausen!

setup procedures for the festival were going on here

The main shrine is nice. Haneda is now known for its international airport, also flights to Munich. In case you have time, go to the shrine for a visit.

Walking back to the train station, blackboard for the citizens. "Listen, there is a festival going on!" :) I was surprised to see the family language used here.

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