Album: 2014 mount fuji:

At the Mino park, walking to the 箕面の滝/waterfall. We were around with a rented car that day.

reached the 箕面 waterfall

20140803 050726 mino park

At the area of the 1970 world exhibition. This figure is the 太陽の塔/たいようのとう/Tower of the Sun.

fog of water that was released nearby..

At a nice cafe. I was surprised by the prices: 4.233円 is ~42€.

cake with matcha, delicious

Then back to Osaka and taking a tour by car through the town. It was rainy, but nice nontheless

At a supermarket: computer to verify the contents of purchased food, i.e. for allergy checking

I am still not used to the prices of fruits. This box with melon, mango etc. goes for 93€.

太陽のマンゴ, a kind of mango. 73€.

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