Album: 2014 mount fuji:

Trip to 高野山/Kouyasan, an area in the mountains.

At the 難波/Nanba trainstation in 大阪/Osaka. This Jules Verne style train connects to the airport.

I took a different train thought to 高野山/Kouyasan. This is monday, train almost empty.

View from the train

This orange stuff is a kind of moss, just seen it in Japan

ropeway up to the mountain

A bit of rain all through the day, was wearing a cap.

This way was recommended for walking, the other one is heavily used by buses. I got a day ticket for train, ropeway and these buses.

The 大問(big gate).

There is no single mountain called 高野山/Kouyasan, this is rather an area.

The monk Kukai came here and founded the place. It became the most important place of the Shingon kind of Japanese Buddhism.

Simple written, I can read this mostly \o/

This is in the main area

The 根本大塔(Kompon Daito), very famous pagoda.

I love this one here inside the trees.

Only a few other visitors this day, all very quiet. Excellent atmosphere for enjoying this place.


This is a huge area. Walking up everything could take ~8 hours, but one can use the bus instead. I left out the mausoleum on the right, but did walk up to most other places.

All over the area houses and gardens are prepared for visitors

a stonegarden

pilgrims come by and get signings and stamps for books with the places they have been to. One can get his name written down for protection.

Ads for 四国/Shikoku, with its pilgrims pathes

Also common houses


a nice 親子/Okyako

Way down with the ropeway

The trainstation

Walking back through Osaka. This sign looks like a reference to the 'portal' game

Visit in an 温泉/Onsen (bath with water from the earth), appropriate ending of this day

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