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Ads in the Osaka subway, this Tuesday I returned to Tokyo.

back to Tokyo via train

figures at the street


After dropping package in Tokyo, off to meed a friend with his family in Asakusa. We met last year in Boston, just at this time we all were on Tokyo. Very nice meeting you and your family! Thanks a bunch for keeping up with my Japanese.

walking a bit along the Sumida river

a travel agency, employees dressed in Hawai shirts.

weather forecast

Walking east from the hotel

Reaching the rainbow bridge.

I crossed the bridge many times using the monorail, now I discovered that one can also walk. Takes 30 minutes and provides great views.

When the black ships arrived, Odaiba got setup to defend the city.

instructions along the way

I like these views.

at Odaiba

Later heading towards the Sumida river to see fireworks. Fireworks are often done at this time of the year.

This was a Tuesday evening, many people collected and celebrated the fireworks. Lasted quite long.

Many people waiting to be able to leave, maybe in germany there would have been a panic

many traditional clothes

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