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Fuji-san from the far

The weather forecast, peaking 39.5°C that day. Nontheless I was freezing as hell later that day.. I went to the bus ticket counter, to buy tickets for next days bus in the morning. The plan was to climb up Mount Fuji in the morning, then go down and drive back to Tokyo. At the counter I got aware that the last bus leaves ~5pm. Climbing up is said to last 8 hours, so there would not be enough time for climbing up and down and coming back in one day. So I could just walk around a bit when going there in the morning.. I decided to go for the evening bus, climb up at night and then come back next day.

A hot day in Tokyo.

Spending some time until 4:30pm in the afternoon when the bus was leaving. Bought a head mountable light for the climb up at night.

Leaving the hotel

On the bus to Mnt. Fuji. Takes 2.5 hours from Tokyo/Shinjuku. Meeting Kaihou from China who works at the Mnt. Fuji 5th station.

The Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station, as high as one can get by car. Entrance point of the Yoshida trail, one of 4 trails leading to the Mnt.Fuji peak. The 5th station is ~2300meter above sea level, the last big station for resting, buying equipment or supplies. The summit/top of Mount Fuji is at a distance of only 6km, but 1400meter higher than the 5th station, at 3770meter.

At this point I buy a long wooden stick for stabilizing while walking. Thanks for the hint Kaihou, that was really useful.

Nice view at that evening.

Looking down here, and having that strange feeling of not knowing what is going to happen there. One mostly reads, 'Mnt.Fuji can be climbed without beeing professional climber', that applies to me.

Almost full moon, starting to climb up, it is 19:22.

Fantastic views downwards this evening

Getting darker, but still many climbers coming down from Mnt.Fuji.

A female climbing down says '諦めた方がいいよ!', 'It is wise to give up!'. Makes me thinking for a moment.. but she did not give any facts, I can anyway also turn around myself when I think it makes sense. Around 8:30pm I it gets cold, I put on the winter jacket I brought with me from germany. The jacket and solid shoes did take up quite some space in the backpack, would be a shame to not use them.

Climbing up to these lights.

At this point I start wondering. ~80min ago I was at an emergencystation where I was told that the next station would be reached in 40minutes. Do I walk so slow? I approach at this toilet instead of the station that was mentioned.

Besides these fantastic views, something else is great: silence. Never experienced such a quiet place. Actually, the first term crossing my mind to describe this is 平和/へいわ, 'peace'.


Last light of the day

Shadow in the moonlight. At this point I mostly walk without the headlight, the moonlight is sufficient.

This looked first like fireworks.. but more likely military training session.

Now at 21:16 I meet the last descending climber. Great opportunity for a rest and to talk. He left the last station 60 minutes ago.

A map. There are 2 pathes actually, one is a bit longer and mostly for climbing up. The other one is shorter, more steep and used for climbing down. At this point I realize that I am on the latter one.. and for that reason I did not hit any stations so far.

At the 8th station, at 3400m. 6th and 7th I did not hit due to taking the other way. Now this is reason to smile: at this point it is 22:22. I climbed 3 hours - and the last missing part to the top lasts around 80minutes.

I feel quite fresh and could directly climb up to the peak.. but the event of seeing the sun in the morning is what I want to catch. It is very cold at the 8th station, and said to be even colder at the top. A spanish climber was already at the top and came back to the 8th station - and plans to climb up again later.

I meet this climber from Osaka, already his 4th time to climb Mnt.Fuji. Some climbers are also sleeping at these stations and plan to climb up at the early morning.

The oldest climber I spoke with, 70 years. He spoke a very interesting accent - and was wearing a red hat!

night view

Lights of station 8 from the top. After waiting until midnight, going further up.

First signs of reaching the top. These are typical relegious signs, climbing Fuji-san has a meaning for Buddhist people, many pilgrims come here.

reaching the top

...and what is on top of Mnt.Fuji? Drink machines, ofcourse. This is Japan. :) In case you wonder, 0.6l of cold green tea are at 500円 (3.8€).

A few people are already here, some try to sleep.

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