Album: 2014 mount fuji:

Almost 2 hours have now passed buy until finally this restaurant opens. It was very cold. Over time more and more climbers approached.

At 4:15 the first light can be seen, but no sun as of now.

Climbers queuing up and waiting..

Not yet there.. freezing cold.

5:02, Sun coming up, happy people around and the Japanese national anthem is played (i.e. )


Now with light looking into the crater.

Torii in the morning

The torii which greeted when coming up, now starting to descend

The air is thin at this height, some people are using oxygen from cans.

Nice views while descending. Now in the light I properly see the underground, looks like it could be on the mars.

Snow. The Fujisan is open for visitors only for a period of ~2months in summer.

Great views from here.

Taking the same way down which I was using using upwards. I wondered about taking the other way, but then I would have been the only one heading into the opposite directions of many people climbing up.

Just great views.

Getting hot quite fast, stripping off clothes

Plants can be seen again

other climbers with 'special' clothes

Reaching the 5th station again

At station 5, just before leaving

The bus to 新宿/Shinjuku was not yet running at 8:00 in the morning, took other buses and trains.

At a nearby trainstation, Mnt.Fuji shaped Onigiri.

At the 3D space arts exhibition

a cricket. They make the typical sound of Japan in the summer.

At the "mickey house", a regulars table with foreigners, for training languages. This is the cabin for smoking. "solutions that work" ;)

A taifun heading north just now that I returned.. probably Fujisan got closed. Good night, after 2 days uptime.

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