Album: 2014 mount fuji:

Walk over the rainbow bridge to Odaiba, this time walking at the other side of the bridge.

Famous boat used for sigtseeing

Fujitv at day

There is a reference to 'the lord of the rings' somewhere here..

No swim!

department store

Only in Japan: a shrine at the top of the department store, very nice. All important parts are there: water for rinsing etc.

Restaurant. Workers can say 'I work in the oven!'

festival at the Fujitv. I was heading towards the Onsen instead.

cars with drivers inside, waiting

Odeon onsen

I spent quite some hours here, this day. 3 bathing sessions, in between sorting pictures on the laptop.

Takoyaki, I had 2 of these at different restaurants inside the Onsen.

Evening, walking back

The rainbow bridge at dusk

impressive colours everywhere

20140808 124018

blinkenlights at the Fujitv

I was hurrying to cross the bridge, not sure wether the bridge closes at 20:30 or later. Made it safely over though.

I like this one most

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