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This years Fosdem shirt. The pylon is the symbol of the VLC project, an opensource media software. Thanks Fran├žois!

Friday morning in Munich. Wondering wether the plane will take off in the afternoon or not..

The plane took off, on the bus in Brussels. Streets remind me of London and Amsterdam.

Walking through the city after hotel checkin. While hearing "Brussels" I just had new buildings and the Atominum in mind so far, but there is a city center with classic buildings.

Ending up in this Japanese style restaurant for dinner. People first approach me in French, but also speak English.

Tuna sushi..

..and Gyoza. Good quality.

Walking towards a bar where event visitors were meeting up. The bar turned up to be full, I did not enter. Yet, this situation here tought me something about the people here. Police closed of some streets including a subway entrance, maybe there was an emergency or such. An atmosphere with uncertainty of what was going on and fear developed. The reaction of the local people was much more aggressive than what would have happened in Germany: they loudly complained, requested explanations, protested. Very interesting.

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