Album: 2015 fosdem:

The hotels breakfast was excellent. Highlights were bread things, but these are good in Germany too. The pancakes with syrup were nice, there were also fruits and smoked salmon.

On the top left "quiche lorraine", had never eaten that before. Chocolate cake, more fruits. A special kind of jam, looking like plum jam in Germany (Pflaumenmus), but made with apple and something else. A further great kind of jam to be eaten ontop of bread had a taste like "almond biscuit", traditional spicy Christmas cookie, known as "Spekulatius" in Germany. That ontop of bread.. delicious.

As for drinks: hot milk and cacao milk! Fantastic.

Stylish breakfast room

Walking to the event, bus heading to the Nato building which is also in vicinity

The window on the top was interesting: screens were mounted behind and artificial clouds were displayed, slowly moving.

The talk on Sile, which actually gave me the idea to come to Fosdem. After that waiting 20min in the cold because the bus to the airport was overfull, eventually making it to the airport and flying bach. Arriving 22:30 back at accomodation.. busy weekend.

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