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Mount Fuji from the plane. Uncomplicated flight this time, from Munich to Tokyo/Haneda, from there to Miyazaki in the south of Kyushu.


Miyazaki airport / 宮崎空港

This stairs would not exist in this form in Germany. Yet, looks like a beautiful artwork, isn't it?


PAL, "Pet Animal Learning College". So you could then say "my dog goes to the college now!", sounds like he might also get a degree or such ;)

他の建物の前に「Pet Animal Learning College」と書いてあります。「犬の為の学校」の団体はドイツにもあります。その「college」というのは、僕にとって面白いです。ちょっと「犬などは卒業したい為にそこに行きます」という感じですね。

The time before leaving was busy, so I got my haircut here in Miyazaki. Very nicely done. I was told "hair from Japanese is thicker than European hair.".


"No chicken, no live!"


Look closer.. click the picture.. apart of the windows all is painted on the wall, in a realistic way.


I got my internet SIM card delivered to the hotel by post service, yet the hotel had for some reason opened the envelope and was then not sure whom it belongs to. Results: quite some talks with the hotel, finally getting google maps working 24hours after arrival, and the hotel apologizing with this cake.


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