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Aoshima. An island in the south of Miyazaki, with a Shrine. After receiving the internet sim-card late from the hotel, I hit the second issue at this time of the travel. Just before the tip I bought new shoes. The exact same type I had also bought 1 year before, and same size. Just now wearing them, I felt pain in the heel, blood spilled after 1 day. Also the back started aching, an ache I also had 3 years ago and got rid of with daily exercise in the morning and jogging. After 2 days I figured that there were inlays in the shoes, placing the feet some mm higher. Removing them led to the feet and backpain recover.


I like these solid lanterns.


Old and new


"quasi national park".. so, what is the difference to a real one then?

看板に「quasi national park」って書いてある。

walking some stations towards north, shortening the way to Miyazaki.


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