Album: 2015 kyushu kanto:

green tea on the train to Kagoshima

directly in front of the hotel a store with this rack of Matcha sweets

Kagoshima shrine. Half of the days in Kagoshima were rainy, but it was quite warm as Kagoshima is in the south of Kyushu.

At a museum in Kagoshima. Taking pictures was not allowed. There was a special guide explaining things, the museum management took these pictures here. I was invited by the museum manager to have a green tea and had a very interesting talk. This is what one learns a language for. When leaving, I got these pictures for present.

Sakura jima is a vulcano, directly in front of Kagoshima. No good sight due to the rain. It is an active vulcano which was also errupting, but "just" ashes and fumes.

nightview from the hotel room

german words are in many places

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