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Arrival in Himeji. The city is famous for the castle, visible on this picture far away in the middle of the street.


Travel to Himeji, I had no breakfast - so enjoying a nice obento.


hotel counter. Offering temporary glasses for the customers.


hotel room. Atleast one is not only offered a bible, but also an alternative.


On webpage I exchange since some time thoughts and correct texts with other people. Here in Himeji I met up with Josh whom I met on lang-8, and his friend. Both are visiting German lessons. Having them spend 2 days for guiding me through the area was a fantastic experience. Talking about so many things, bringing Japanese and German perspective together, was great. I am regularly since ~1 year writing texts on the website and exchanging thoughts - so when we met up here we met in real live for the first time, but were familiar with mutual life and thoughts to a significant extent. An interesting but great experience. Thank you for a fantastic time. For things like this one learns a different language.


View over Himeji.


The famous Himeji castle. So this dinner was also remarkable. We had tasty Japanese sashimi and other things. Even more interesting was something I got for present: this was like a book, containing a good part of the texts I had written on lang-8. Sometimes I only write in Japanese, sometimes together with a German translation of the same content. Here, holding my writings in hand was a very interesting experience.


Quite strict rules here! ^^

厳しい方針だよね ^^

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