Album: 2015 kyushu kanto:

electric car in Kyoto

Ueno park in Tokyo, first looking for the state of sakura. Also visiting the office that day, fetching bulding access card for the following week when working from the office.

had to walk around the emperors place again

Saturday: off to Mito. This train has a big display in front.

Another example why internationalization is such an interesting topic. The red seat, do you think its reserved, or free?

Its free, the green one is reserved. The contrary a European would have asumed.

Arrived at shrine and park right before Mito.

A samurai house for visit, many people around

Mito is known for Natto, fermented soy beans. Here its sold directly with hey which is used when producing it.

The local figure, posing with tourists. I did not wait in the queue for a picture with me, watching the others was enough.

Walking to the Mito trainstation, interesting tower.

Hello kitty netto

All kinds of Natto at the Mito train station

Cherry trees near Tokyo station

purchased goods from Mito. To the left, Natto with black beans.

"Eternal visiter", poster at the hotel entrance

Around in the south of Tokyo

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