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 +===== What? =====
 +Notes regarding my dvb-c card on linux. At this point i already have my dvb-card usable, firmware loaded, so /​dev/​dvb/​adapter0 was created.
 +  * http://​​wiki/​index.php/​Hauptseite -- vdr-wiki, also generic dvb@linux infos
 +  * http://​​wiki/​index.php/​HDTV -- vdr-wiki, hdtv
 +===== initial scan / kaffeine =====
 +# a) get w_scan from http://​​w_scan/​index2.html and compile it
 +# b) now lets create an initial-tuning-file,​ kaffeine can do a channel-scan with this
 +     ​w_scan -fc -c DE -x > initial-tuning-data.txt
 +# c) copy the file where kaffeine expects it
 +     cp initial-tuning-data.txt .kde/​share/​apps/​kaffeine/​dvb-c/​mytown
 +# d) now we can scan for channels in kaffeine and watch.
 +===== DVB-C and mplayer =====
 +apt-get install dvb-apps # or compile dvb-tools for yourself
 +# using the initial-tuning-data gathered with w_scan and the '​scan'​ utilits from dvb-apps
 +# we create the channels-ist:​
 +scan initial-tuning-data.txt >​channels.scan
 +# now czap can be used for channel-switching ​
 +czap -c channels.scan -l                    # lists numbers of the channels
 +czap -c channels.scan -n 300                # tunes in channel #300
 +# if your mplayer is compiled with dvb-support you can use it:
 +# http://​​DOCS/​HTML/​en/​mpeg_decoders.html
 +cp channels.scan ~/​.mplayer/​channels.conf
 +mplayer dvb://'​Das Erste' -cache 4096
 +===== HDTV w/ dvb-c and mplayer =====
 +  * kaffeine can hdtv natively, but makes trouble with my Terratec Cinergy 1200 DVB-C MK3, plain old tv works. Probably its because of the defaultish debian/xine codecs.
 +# now install x264 and mplayer (with x264 and dvb-support),​ instructions at
 +# we already created the channels file:
 +ls -al ~/​.mplayer/​channels.conf
 +# i have three HD-channels available:
 +cat ~/​.mplayer/​channels.conf
 +Das Erste HD:​338000000:​INVERSION_AUTO:​6900000:​FEC_NONE:​QAM_256:​6010:​6020:​11100
 +ZDF HD:​338000000:​INVERSION_AUTO:​6900000:​FEC_NONE:​QAM_256:​6110:​6120:​11110
 +arte HD:​338000000:​INVERSION_AUTO:​6900000:​FEC_NONE:​QAM_256:​6210:​6221:​11120
 +# now to watch HDTV (thanks fefe for '​demuxer lavf' hinting!):
 +mplayer dvb://"​arte HD" -demuxer lavf -cache 15000 -framedrop
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