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-===== rooting ===== +
-The default Android was a vodafone branded 2.2.  HTC Desire HD sold after December 2010 probably contains the ROM version 1.72.405.3.  +
-  * +
-  * Currently there are no wholes to gain root from here, so first step is a downgrade to the 1.32 ROM.  +
-  * I started using [[|these instructions]]. +
-    * For this the android sdk is to be installed, providing the 'adb' binary for communication with the phone +
-  * The old ROM is then placed on the SD-card. Starting the downgrade failed; a checksum was found to be incorrect by the updater. +
-    * To remedy a 'golden card' had to be created +
-    * For this the SD-cards serial number is read out. A command like 'adb shell cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid' is to be used. Yet this didnt bring up anything useful on the HTC desire HD, but it did for my HTC desire.  The SD-card inside the HTC desire was prepared to be used as 'golden card' and the downgrade performed with that card. +
-    * This serial numbers order is reversed +
-    * This reversed number is then embedded into a bootsector, there are websited doing this +
-    * The sector is written onto the already partitioned SD-card, after having the mobile offering the SD-card as storage: 'cat goldendisc.img >/dev/sdb' - if the mobiles SD-card appears as /dev/sdb. +
-    * With this the downgrade succeeds +
-  * Then a recovery software can be installed like ClockworkMod +
-  * And custom android versions can be used +
-===== android 4 ===== +
-  * there is no usable cyanogenmod 9 for the HTC Desire HD yet +
-  * using the android 4 mod from for now without issues +
-  * android4 builds: +
-  * HTC seems to not release android4 for the desire hd by itself+
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