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-===== What is it? ===== 
-The Motorola PCS 2386C-HT820 is a bluetooth headset, looking into using it with Linux. Its apparently not produced any more, but was still able to order one. 
-===== nodes ===== 
-  * Ensure laptop bios has bluetooth enabled. 
-# in the headside press in the left side the Motorola-button until the blue light shines without blinking 
-# now we are discoverable and in pairing mode. 
-# this should show us a blietooth device hci0 
-# scan for the headset 
-hcitool scan 
-# run the applet to get asked for the pin 
-bluetooth-applet & 
-# establish a connection 
-hcitool cc 00:​07:​A4:​B6:​5A:​30 
-# the pin is 0000 
-pactl load-module module-bluetooth-device address=00:​0D:​3C:​B0:​1F:​D1 sink_name=Bluetooth profile=a2dp 
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