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Line 100: Line 100:
     * geekbench     * geekbench
-==== not working epaper: ​2.9“ 296×128 ePaper Display Modue/SPI Interface ==== +==== using 2.9“ 296×128 ePaper Display Modue/SPI Interface ==== 
-can not get any output from the device. After recompiling the demo-app with DEBUG, I get this:+My initial problem, ​did not get any output from the device. After recompiling the demo-app with DEBUG, I got this:
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 chris@raspberrypi:​~/​rpi/​RaspberryPi/​bcm2835 $ sudo ./epd  chris@raspberrypi:​~/​rpi/​RaspberryPi/​bcm2835 $ sudo ./epd 
Line 118: Line 118:
   * running raspi-config,​ to activate SPI   * running raspi-config,​ to activate SPI
   * https://​​wiki/​2.9inch_e-Paper_Module https://​​w/​upload/​9/​98/​2.9inch-e-paper-module-user-manual-en.pdf   * https://​​wiki/​2.9inch_e-Paper_Module https://​​w/​upload/​9/​98/​2.9inch-e-paper-module-user-manual-en.pdf
-  * one can also 'git clone https://​​waveshare/​e-Paper', edit RaspberryPi&​JetsonNano/​c/​main.c and then run '​epd'​, but I also do not get the epaper to display anything.+  * The code from the upstream git repo works for me: 
 +git clone https://​​waveshare/​e-Paper 
 +cd e-Paper/RaspberryPi&​JetsonNano/​c 
 +vi examples/main.c 
 +#   // EPD_2in9_test();​ 
 +#   // EPD_2in9bc_test();​ 
 +#   ​EPD_2in9d_test();​ 
 +and then run '​epd'​ 
 +sudo ./epd 
 +# this finally works for me 
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