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     * [[|Raspberry Pi OS (64 bit) beta test version]]     * [[|Raspberry Pi OS (64 bit) beta test version]]
   * **Fedora32**   * **Fedora32**
-    * Runs nicely, [[/software/fedora/fedora32_on_raspi4|here is how to setup]] +    * [[/software/fedora/fedora32_on_raspi4|Howto setup Fedora32 or Fed33/rawhide (native Fedora kernel)]] 
-    * This provides the pure 64bit aarch userland, ontop of the RaspiOS kernel. The RaspiOS kernel can be recompiled on Fedora64.+    * [[/software/fedora/fedora32_on_raspi4_dualboot|Howto setup RaspiOS/Fedora32 dualboot]] 
 +    * [[/software/fedora/fedora32_on_raspi4_plain|Howto setup Fedora32 (RaspiOS kernel, Fedora userland]]
     * [[|official Fedora/pi4 status]]     * [[|official Fedora/pi4 status]]
     * [[|creating a Fedora32 image for raspi4, Ansible playbook based]]     * [[|creating a Fedora32 image for raspi4, Ansible playbook based]]
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