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Samsung Galaxy S7

  • Codename: Project lucky, model SM-G930FD
  • Using in Japanese softbank network, needs these APN settings:
    • 3G APN: APN name:, Username: dna1trop, Password: so2t3k3m2a
    • 4G (LTE) APN: APN name: jpspir, Username: sirobit, Password: amstkoi, AuthType: PAP
  • rooting the Galaxy S7 with Linux
    • Samsung shipped 2 new major Android versions, 7 and 8.0 to the device. This seems to be the end, so in early 2019 I started to use LineageOS on the Galaxy S7.
    • LineageOS details:
      • worked for me, with one difference: after flashing the recovery image with 'heimdall flash –RECOVERY ..', the doc asks to reboot into recovery with “Volume Up + Home + Power”. At that point, I can just switch off the device with “Volume Down + Home + Power”. After turning it on again (pressing “Power”), and then immediately pressing “Volume Up + Home + Power”, I was able to proceed.
      • I planned to go without any spying, but my dependency on google maps is stronger, so I installed gapps.
      • LineageOS 16 (Android 9) image I tried:

Samsung galaxy S4 mini

Android apps

  • fdroid store
    • Amaze file manager
    • Magisk, for getting root
    • K-9 Mail, Syncthing, Tiny Tiny RSS, Tusky for Mastodon
    • FFUpdater (installs and updates firefox)
  • yalp store
    • This is in fdroid, it can act as proxy to fetch from google store - for apps which are not in fdroid
    • the Line app is not in fdroid repos
    • EBookDroid (pdf reader), EBPocket Free (Japanese dictionary reader), Musicolet Music (player, can also conveniently seek in podcasts), TWRP application, Sony Headphones
    • Yahoo!乗換案内 (Tokyo train connections), Yahoo Map
    • Google Japanese input
  • google playstore
    • I install the opengapps app and then pico opengaps (alternatives: MicroG, MindTheGapps)
    • Via playstore, I install the applications which I purchased on playstore.
    • PeakFinder AR
    • Tiny Tiny RSS unlocker
    • Google maps

file access

  • Android 4.2.2 on the s4 mini does not support USB mass storage. MTP is an option.
  • To use MTP
    • On the S4 mini, one has to activate “developer” (tap “system release” in device info seven times) and “debug”.
    • On the S6, it works just after connecting
  • I can access the device with simple-mtpfs
  • Nowadays, I rely on this software which shares via network:

recording software

For recording Japanese lessons etc.

  • cogi: can record some seconds before the “record” button is pressed
  • easy voice recorder
  • RecForge 2: replay can be accelerated/slowed down

other software

  • voip: zoiper, CSimple
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