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-===== What? ===== 
-My notes on using the Sony NW-S785 walkman with linux, should apply to all NW-S78* models like NW-S784. Looks like this model is sold in Japan only. 
-  * [[http://​​CA/​perl/​​template=&​info_id=148]] -- sonys listing of bluetooth profiles 
-===== todo ===== 
-  * support for the ogg format? 
-  * What works from linux: storing audio/​video/​pictures onto the walkman? 
-  * stuffing cover-art into the mp3s? 
-  * converting pictures to formats optimal for the ? 
-  * hardware specs 
-  * are there firmware upgrades? custom linux firmware? 
-===== managing music/​picture/​video files ===== 
-== mounting == 
-This has to be done to do file operations. Do not disconnect the walkman while it is mounted! 
-tail -f /​var/​log/​messages &    # start watching the logs 
-# now onnect the walkman, it can be accessed with the usual linux usb-storage driver. 
-# if everyting goes well usb_storage gets loaded and you the A826 gets available as a new device. 
-# You should get an output like 'sda: sda1', saying you can access the A826 under /dev/sda1. 
-# If that doesnt happen try to manually load the driver: 
-modprobe usb_storage 
-# - if that still doesnt work check if usb-drivers are loaded and the A826 comes up as usb-device at all. 
-mkdir -p /​mnt/​walkman ​                                 # creates a mountpoint if not existant 
-# now lets mount the S785, use your device here. 
-# The option ensures that we properly see UTF8 encoded filenames 
-mount -t vfat -o iocharset=utf8 /dev/sdc1 /​mnt/​walkman 
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