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 +==== trip details ==== 
 +  * take train to Sagamiko station/相模湖駅 (~90min from Shinjuku) 
 +  * then walk to bus station 石老山入口(バス)(50min walking - nice views over the Sagamiko lake, or take the bus) 
 +  * then climb up Sekirouzan/石老山.  
 +  * from the top, you can leave the mountain via the path in the Northwest. Go down until the bus station プレジャーフォレスト前(バス). Climbing up from the bus station, and down again might take 3h or 3h30min. 
 +  * 5min to the north, there is an entertainment park and the Lake Sagamiko Onsen "Ururi" Hot spring, worth a visit. 
 +  * then go back to Sagamiko station by foot or via bus. Back to Tokyo via train. 
 +  * [[|the trip description on yamaquest]] 
 +  * trip log: 20190922
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