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 ===== 丹沢山系/Tanzawa mountains ===== ===== 丹沢山系/Tanzawa mountains =====
 == 塔ノ岳/とうのだけ/Tounodake == == 塔ノ岳/とうのだけ/Tounodake ==
-  * +  * [[japan/tokyo_hiking/tounodake|click here for the details, including map]] 
-  * need to go early: the buses from train station to ヤビツ峠 run only early +  * a 6 hours trip, great views, and one place with "climbing down with a chains"
-  * trip: let google maps plan your trip for going to ヤビツ峠神奈川県. Probably involves train to 秦野駅 and a bus. +
-  * then: ヤビツ峠 ->(1h04m)->二ノ塔->(15m)->三ノ塔->(1h17m)->新大日->(40m)->塔ノ岳->(2h16min)->大倉バス停. From there take the bus to 渋沢駅/Shibuzawaeki, from there back to Tokyo.  +
-  * Android app 'osmand' knows these locations and pathes in between +
-  * Station 鶴巻温泉 is 3 stations far away into direction Tokyo. It has an Onsen near the train station. Not great, but ok. +
-  * seasonal info: +
-    * In mid of August (I went 2018), plants have grown over the way at many places. If you are worried about bugs, wear long trousers and a shirt with long sleeves. +
-    * In February (I went 2019), there might be snow. The bus is not running until ヤビツ峠 then. Bus line 20 runs just until 蓑毛/Minoge bus stop, one can walk in ~70min to ヤビツ峠. If you do this trip while there is snow, you should bring アイゼン/Eisen with you, so spikes for the shows. I did the trip without アイゼン or sticks, and strongly recommend to not do this.+
 == Nabewarisan/鍋割山 == == Nabewarisan/鍋割山 ==
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