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 PARAMS0="​--integrity poly1305 ​   --cipher chacha20-random"​ PARAMS0="​--integrity poly1305 ​   --cipher chacha20-random"​
 PARAMS1="​--integrity hmac-sha256 --cipher aes-xts-plain64"​ PARAMS1="​--integrity hmac-sha256 --cipher aes-xts-plain64"​
-PARAMS2="​--integrity hmac-sha1"​+PARAMS2="​--integrity hmac-sha1" ​                                   # use no longer..
 PARAMS3="​--integrity hmac-sha512"​ PARAMS3="​--integrity hmac-sha512"​
 PARAMS4="​--integrity aead --cipher aegis128-random --key-size 128" # 202002, experimental PARAMS4="​--integrity aead --cipher aegis128-random --key-size 128" # 202002, experimental
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