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 +===== What? =====
 +linphone is a SIP software
 +===== issue description =====
 +After dialling, the line gets established,​ but no voice from the other side can be heard. ​
 +===== environtment =====
 +  * several linuxes
 +  * NAT environment
 +===== problem =====
 +The other communication partner is sending packets which the local NAT gateway does not send to the system on the LAN, where the SIP call originates from.
 +===== resolution =====
 +  * variant 1: configure a "​stun"​ server. You have to have one available to use, or can run an own stun service.
 +  * variant 2: 
 +    * configure forwarding for the involved ports. With this, the NAT gateway will forward UDP 5060, 7078, 9078 to your LAN system
 +    * additionally you have to hint which IP your NAT gw on the internet is using in the linphone preferences,​ and check "​Behind NAT/​Firewall"​.
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