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Line 125: Line 125:
 systemctl start pmcd systemctl start pmcd
 systemctl status pmcd systemctl status pmcd
-  + 
 +# Recently, on pcp 5.2.0, pmlogger is not coming up properly. 
 +# '/etc/init.d/pmlogger start-systemd' executed by systemd 
 +# is failing.  Starting once directly fixes this. 
 +systemctl stop pmlogger 
 +/etc/init.d/pmlogger start 
 +/etc/init.d/pmlogger stop 
 +systemctl start pmlogger 
 # restore old configs.. # restore old configs..
 cd /var/lib/pcp/pmdas/postfix/ && ./Install cd /var/lib/pcp/pmdas/postfix/ && ./Install
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