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Line 132: Line 132:
     * You could also extract them from the switch using https://​​perillamint/​nx-fwextract     * You could also extract them from the switch using https://​​perillamint/​nx-fwextract
     * Or rely on these: https://​​kiding/​34916dd163d700098980ec0b8901a033     * Or rely on these: https://​​kiding/​34916dd163d700098980ec0b8901a033
-  * The normal L4T kernel can via usb be booted as follows, ​but self compiled ones do not boot (and I have no idea why not, as there is no console ​output ​visible):+ 
 +===== booting kernels via usb ===== 
 +The normal L4T kernel can via usb be booted as follows. The partition which the initrd should jump into is set in file switch.scr .  After changing the file'​mkimage'​ from coreboot has to be used to compile a new switch.scr.img which is then used for booting. This output ​is from the x86_64 system which is supplying the kernel to the switch. 
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 [root@電脳 usb_loader_l4tkernel]#​ cat imx_usb.conf [root@電脳 usb_loader_l4tkernel]#​ cat imx_usb.conf
 #vid:pid, config_file #vid:pid, config_file
 0x0955:​0x701a,​ switch.conf 0x0955:​0x701a,​ switch.conf
 +[root@電脳 usb_loader_l4tkernel]# ​
 [root@電脳 usb_loader_l4tkernel]#​ cat switch.conf ​ [root@電脳 usb_loader_l4tkernel]#​ cat switch.conf ​
 switch switch
Line 144: Line 149:
 initramfs:​load 0x92000000 initramfs:​load 0x92000000
 switch.scr.img:​load 0x8e000000,​jump_direct 0x8e000000 switch.scr.img:​load 0x8e000000,​jump_direct 0x8e000000
 +[root@電脳 usb_loader_l4tkernel]# ​
 [root@電脳 usb_loader_l4tkernel]#​ cat switch.scr [root@電脳 usb_loader_l4tkernel]#​ cat switch.scr
 # mkimage -A arm64 -T script -C none -n "​boot.scr"​ -d switch.scr switch.scr.img # mkimage -A arm64 -T script -C none -n "​boot.scr"​ -d switch.scr switch.scr.img
Line 152: Line 159:
 usb reset usb reset
 booti 0x83000000 0x92000000 0x8d000000 booti 0x83000000 0x92000000 0x8d000000
 +[root@電脳 usb_loader_l4tkernel]# ​
 +# this is my shellscript which will
 +# - supply coreboot to the switch
 +# - copy a raw switch.scr.3 file (same as above, but instructing
 +#   to boot /​dev/​mmcblk0p3
 +# - run '​mkimage'​ from coreboot to compile switch.scr.img
 +# - and then supply kernel, initrd, dtb-file and switch.scr.img
 +#   as specified in switch.conf
 [root@電脳 usb_loader_l4tkernel]# ​ [root@電脳 usb_loader_l4tkernel]# ​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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