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What is it?

I used in the past, but it was shut down and I got reminded that it was a free service someone else was hosting. Then I used feedly, but it was not optimal. Tiny Tiny RSS (ttrss) seems like the best solution for me. - Tiny Tiny RSS

Which version should I use?

Most software has stable and devel trees, but for ttrss I (and many others) have been riding on the git tree since years. Just from time to time running 'git pull origin', and sometimes then also accessing ttrss will notify me that a schema update should be done. Just 2 or 3 times I did upgrades of the underlying Debian and lost my database (my fault). So creating a script which regularly fetches the feeds I have currently subscribed is needed..

My feeds

Just a reminder, so I can restore the feeds if the database fails.

  Chaosradio             |
  Fanboys                |
  Forschergeist          |
  Mikroökonomen          |
  Mission Energiewende   |
  Retronauts             |
  Retrozirkel            |
  バイリンガルニュース       |
  ccc media feed         |
  Der Postillon          |
  Dilbert Daily Strip    | rss-bridge/?action=display&bridge=Dilbert&format=Atom
  Engadget 日本           |
  Fefes Blog             |           |
  GamingOnLinux          |
  GIGAZINE               |
  Jojos illustrierter Blog |
  Legends of Localization  |
  Pro-Linux News           |
  Red Hat Blog: Ch. Horn   |
  Spoon & Tamago           |            |
  There and back again     |
  Tiny Tiny RSS: Forum     |                 |
  世論 What Japan Think    |

Pages not natively offering feeds

Many pages are not as social as they should be, they are not offering feeds. ttrss can directly read feeds, but for example twitter needs extra care. I use 2 solutions for it:

  • rss-bridge : The bridge collection also provides interfaces for example for .
    • pro: provides pictures directly in the generated feed
    • con: can follow only one single person at a time. So I clutter my ttrss interface with 10 rss-bridge-twitter feeds, instead of one which includes all these single persons.
    • con: although I am following these persons, they can not see that
  • twitterfeed.php from Russell Beattie It requires creation of a twitter token, but once setup, it is providing a feed of everybody I am following in twitter.
    • pro: one feed for everybody I follow in twitter. So I can just click 'follow' on, and it appears here in this feed. Also the people I follow see that I am following.
    • con: no pictures.
  • own scripts: The German/Japanese association in Japan offers no feed, and the page where they announce new events is small - but the contents are broken and meant for visually be read, but not parsed by a machine. I gave up trying to write an own rss-brigde bridge and now fetch with 'lynx -dump' the visual interpretation daily, and monitor for changes with 'diff'. Also feed generator ( ) looks not to bad trying to generate a feed from the page.

Can I do schema updates manually?

Normally, I just update the ttrss code via 'git pull origin', and schema updates are then recognized. For a friend, the schema update takes so long that it runs into a timeout. How to execute the schema update manually?

The single incremental schema updates are in this directory for Postgres:
$ ls -rt ttrss/schema/versions/pgsql/

So if one is already on schema 138, one can access 
the ttrss-db and then execute the code from 139.sql.
$ su - postgres
[postgres]$ psql ttrss
<code from 139.sql>

Alternatively, “php update.php –schema-update” should work.

How can I do an automatic backup of my feeds list?

For me, I was adding feeds over years, and when postgresql updates went wrong, I was unsure which feeds I had subscribed to before. Since then I use this script which exports the current feeds from the database.

PGPASSWORD=dbpassword psql -d databasename -U dbuser \
  -h \
  -c 'select title,feed_url from ttrss_feeds order by title;' \

Automatic logout

I got logged out after a day and configured this in config.php to prevent that:

  define('SESSION_COOKIE_LIFETIME', 8640000);

Can I fetch and display content directly from ttrss?

FeedIron can do that.


# mediathekviewweb rss checker, search for "Midnight"
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