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 <​html>​ <​html>​
-<​center><​h2>​Christian Horn / ホルン クリスチャン</​br></​center>​+<​center><​h2>​Hello, ようこそ!</​br></​center>​
 </​html>​ </​html>​
-I'm storing random ​notes in this wikirecipes to do things and thoughts. ​Having others directly contribute ​is not implemented as of nowif you have corrections or suggestions please contact ​me.+I, Christian Horn, store here my notes, thoughts, howtos, essaysExplore the menus on the left. With javascript disabled in your browser, navigation becomes harder, but all content ​is still reachable. The most recent changes ​of this site are available [[https://​​dokuwiki?​do=recent|here]]as well as [[https://​​feed.php?​type=rss2&​num=5|RSS2 feed]]. I'm also on <​html><​a rel="me" href="​https://​​@globalc">​Mastodon</​a></​html>​.
-Most things are indexed by search engines, or reachable via the menus on the left. +My 'Japan live observations'​-article is [[|here]]the pictures taken since 2016 are [[https://​​files/​2016_japan_move/​|here]].
- +
-I post on <​html><​a rel="​me"​ href="">​Mastodon<​/a></html>you can track changes in this wiki via [[https://​​feed.php?​type=rss2&​num=5|RSS2 feed]].+
 +  * 202005: I prepared instructions how to create a Fedora32 image for the Raspberry pi 4 [[/​software/​fedora/​fedora32_on_raspi4|here]]
 +  * 201912: 10min talk on Bit rot, [[https://​​files/​speeches/​20191205_integrity.pdf|slides]] [[https://​​en/​blog/​what-bit-rot-and-how-can-i-detect-it-rhel|My article on]]
   * 201905: [[hardwarerelated/​nintendo_switch|Looking into Fedora30/​Nintendo switch again]]   * 201905: [[hardwarerelated/​nintendo_switch|Looking into Fedora30/​Nintendo switch again]]
   * 201901: Bye google plus, hello [[https://​​@globalc|mastodon]]. There is also a [[https://​​contact|communication matrix]] now.   * 201901: Bye google plus, hello [[https://​​@globalc|mastodon]]. There is also a [[https://​​contact|communication matrix]] now.
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   * 201508: I started to get my lang8 texts into the site. [[https://​​languages/​multi-language-essays/​2014-01/​05_society_thoughts|社会への色々な考え]] [[https://​​languages/​multi-language-essays/​2014-01/​03_der_osterspaziergang|Der Osterspaziergang]]   * 201508: I started to get my lang8 texts into the site. [[https://​​languages/​multi-language-essays/​2014-01/​05_society_thoughts|社会への色々な考え]] [[https://​​languages/​multi-language-essays/​2014-01/​03_der_osterspaziergang|Der Osterspaziergang]]
   * 201401: Mühlhausen in the morning: https://​​files/​2014_several/​20140106_muehlhausen_morning.jpg   * 201401: Mühlhausen in the morning: https://​​files/​2014_several/​20140106_muehlhausen_morning.jpg
-  * Japan trip pictures: +  * Japan trip pictures: [[https://​​files/​2012_japan_studytour_public/​|2012 Japan studytour]] [[https://​​files/​2014_mount_fuji/​|2014 Mount Fuji trip]] [[https://​​files/​2015_kyushu_kanto/​|2015 Kyushu and Kanto]]
-    * [[https://​​files/​2010_japan_public|2010 Japan studytour]] ​[[https://​​files/​2012_japan_studytour_public/​|2012 Japan studytour]] [[https://​​files/​2012_japan_autumn/​|2012 autumn Japan tour]] +
-    * [[https://​​files/​2014_kyushu/​|2014 Kyushu/]] [[https://​​files/​2014_mount_fuji/​|2014 Mount Fuji trip]] [[https://​​files/​2015_kyushu_kanto/​|2015 Kyushu and Kanto]]+
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