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   * slides as pdf are on https://​​conference/​2019/​schedule.html   * slides as pdf are on https://​​conference/​2019/​schedule.html
 +===== Things about East Germany and Christian Horn =====
 +At a local association in a part of Tokyo/​八王子 (Hachiouji). The association is educating locals with English, and helping foreigners in their life at Japan. My speech was in English.
 +  * Self introduction
 +  * Introducing my hometown
 +  * East Germany, and the German reunification.
 +  * slides as pdf: https://​​files2/​tmp/​chorn_and_eastgermany.20190315.pdf
 ===== i18n on Linux by example: Japanese ===== ===== i18n on Linux by example: Japanese =====
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