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Fritzbox 3370, what is this?

Got a VDSL internet connection in germany. Bought an old Speedport 300HS modem and intended to use it just as modem to reach through pppoe - yet this hardware did not work for me. Cheapest hardware to buy is a modem sold by Telekom for ~129€ with 4x 100mbit RJ45 connectors, yet the Fritzbox 3370 provides 4x 1gb ports for ~139€.


The fritzbox is quite feature rich as it ships, yet some things like ssh access or snmp traffic stats are missing. OpenWRT does not support the hardware, probably because too many closed parts are required that are not shipped with OpenWRT. Yet there is - it fetches the fritzbox firmware, extends it and presents a customized image which can be used for the box. Since fritzboxen are mostly used in germany also the project is mostly in german.

I found freetz hard to get running on AMD64 fedora16, so using a KVM virtual machine with debian i386.

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